1. What is Yacht Week East Africa? Yacht Week East Africa is a sailing event that celebrates East African culture. After two days of exploring on land, you will practically live on a yacht for a week and explore beautiful islands located in East Africa, all while fully experiencing East African culture. You will share your yacht with other great people, have food prepared for you, and indulge in your favorite drinks with a soundtrack that you select playing in the background. ***Please note that Yacht Week East Africa is not associated with any other yachting events taking place in other regions of the world. ***


  1. What type of yachts are available? How many people will be on each yacht? We will use 40-55 foot catamarans that have 4-6 rooms. Each room will sleep two people. Therefore, there will be 8-12 guests on each yacht. There will also be a skipper and cook on each yacht. 


  1. Can you elaborate on the “tentative” itinerary? While we expect to maintain our established itinerary, we reserve the right to change routing and/or the order of events in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions. Any changes will be communicated to guests as early as possible.


  1. How do I reserve my spot? Once the booking window opens, you’ll be able to select your boat level, and Click on the “reserve my spot” link. You will then be able to make a $500 deposit that will reserve your spot. Afterwards, there will be 6 monthly auto- payments to the same method of payment.


  1. What is your roommate policy? I have a group that will be booking together, how do I ensure that we are on the same yacht? Once you’ve reserved your spot, we’ll pair you with a roommate and a yacht crew. If you have your own crew, just have everyone book as soon as possible then email us at [email protected] to submit the names of the people in your crew. We’ll then make sure you are all on the same yacht.


  1. What is the refund policy? A full refund, (less the $500 non-refundable deposit), is possible through April 30th, 2018. Email us at [email protected] if you need to cancel. Alternatively, you can transfer your reservation to another person.


  1. How do I get to the Seychelles? If you are coming from the US, the major airlines that conduct the routes are: Emirates, (through Dubai), Qatar Airways, (through Doha), and  Eithad Airways, (through Abu Dhabi).  If you are coming from South Africa, you can fly direct from Johannesburg on Air Seychelles.  If you are coming from the UK, Ethiopian Airways, (through Addis Ababa), and Emirates, (through Dubai), are viable options. For those coming from Tanzania, Kenya Airways, through Nairobi is the best option.


  1. Is a Visa required to visit the Seychelles? Seychelles is a visa-free country, therefore, there are no visa requirements for any person wishing to visit.